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Our trainings

ABCs of Personal Finance

Conceived and designed by advisers and for advisers, this guide puts forward a client-centered approach based on pedagogy. In this way, the adviser ensures a better understanding on the part of the client as well as communicating all the information he or she needs. The client will then be able to make an informed decision.

Webinars for your needs

A webinar calendar built and thoughtful to keep you up-to-date as an adviser. Diversified and quality SCiO-certified content will make you a complete and up to date adviser.

Micro-Programs (PCC)

Some niche business sectors require niche knowledge. It is with this in mind that our micro-programs have been built to provide the necessary expertise to the consultants who develop these sectors.

Continuing Education

The relevant topics are multiple. Whether it be sales, insurance strategies, investment savings strategies, financing strategies, etc., they are all relevant. As an adviser, your financial notions must be continually honed if you want to do well in this increasingly competitive industry.

Long Programs

Do you want to develop your expertise intensively without overloading your schedule? Our programs have been specially designed to meet this challenge. Based on a formula of one full day every two weeks, they will allow you to continue your practice easily while developing your knowledge.

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