L’Événement MAP - 28 novembre 2023 à L'Étoile au DIX30 - Brossard !

Two programs are offered with different levels and targeted skills

SCiO training was created for the purpose of continuous improvement. Offering a series of courses aimed at developing target competencies, SCiO training is first and foremost a school where theory and practice are one.

Applied Disability Insurance (Intermediate Level)

Do you want to become a complete financial security adviser and the reference for your clients? To do so, you must master the basics of living benefits, otherwise someone else will do it for you. Apply now!


Advanced Corporate Insurance (Advanced level)

Tax specialists, notaries, lawyers, accountants, bankers, complex business analysts, financial planners and experienced advisors, all of whom are here to offer you their knowledge and experience to help you reach new heights. Will you be among the best? Apply now!

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